[slides] The NeuViz Data Visualization Tool

@giuseppe_futiaAcademic paper

Hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe Futia and this is my first contribution to the Neubot website.

I started to work on the Neubot project during the Big Dive course organized by the Top-IX consortium, where I developed with Enrico Zimuel the prototype of NeuViz (the Neubot Visualizer), a data processing and visualization tool to explore network measurement experiments.

With further development of this work, we presented the paper "Visualizing Internet-Measurements Data for Research Purposes: the NeuViz Data Visualization Tool", written by Enrico Zimuel, Simone Basso, Juan Carlos De Martin, and me, at the Congresso Nazionale AICA 2013.

Here are the slides of the presentation.

In the next post I'll give you more details about my experience during the Big Dive course.