A new, old visualization of Neubot data

Academic paper@bassosimone

My coauthors, and friends, Enrico Masala and Antonio Servetti wrote a nice service that shows useful Neubot statistics, updated daily.

I call their service "a new, old visualization" because they wrote it in the fall of 2013, and I was very slow to catch up, sorry :).

With this post I just want to say them thank you publicly.

Because I find it very useful, I listed their service also in the Data section of this website.

Here you can see a couple of screenshots of this service (from which one can also have an idea of the number of tests run daily by Neubot):




Speaking of visualizations, it's worth mentioning that we also did some work to move Neuviz forward, recently. We're not quite there, but, at least, the backend is closer to public relase, and some improvements have been done (but not yet committed) on the frontend as well.