Neubot report: October - December 2014

@bassosimoneMerry Neubot

Most of the development work in the last three months focused on libight, a library for running network experiments on the mobile platform developed in cooperation with Arturo Filastò (Tor Project / Hermes Center). This library is developed to implement the mobile applications of Neubot and OONI.

I worked on libight during the 8-14 December hackfest in Rome in which we have implemented the basic library functionality (stream sockets, DNS and HTTP). We have now three prototypal OONI tests (DNS injection, TCP connect and HTTP invalid request line) that produce a YAML file as result. And we have sketched up a plan for version of libight.

Colosseum by night
Colosseum by night—Picture by me (CC BY 3.0)

Meanwhile, Alessandro has been working to implement a utp engine for libight. Once libight is stable and the utp engine is merged, the plan is to implement a utp test for Neubot using libight. Probably, given the work to run Neubot tests as independent processes (see below), this will be implementing by packaging an executable linking libight with Neubot.

I was also invited at the 3rd Workshop on Internet Censorship Measurements—organized by Meredith Whittaker of M-Lab and held in New York City the 29-30 October 2014—to discuss issues at the intersection between traffic shaping and Internet censorship.

New York City seen from Central Park
New York City seen from Central Park—Picture by me (CC BY 3.0)

I have also worked on the draft of the journal paper describing Neubot, integrating changes proposed by Juan Carlos and further polishing and refining the text.

I have also continued the work on splitting Neubot tests to let them run as separate processes and have isolated a piece of the Neubot API that could be reused by Neubot's raw test and mlab-ns client.

That pretty much all of it!