Neubot report: April - June 2015


Greetings from the Hacker Standard Time timezone! The greatest change in the April - June 2015 period is that the library that I previously called libight was renamed and now is called measurement-kit. In addition the repository was moved from TheTorProject organization to another organization, called measurement-kit.

In addition to changing names, we did progresses towards releasing the first version of measurement-kit along with the sample applications. The iOS application, in particular, is nearly ready (thanks to Lorenzo Primiterra for helping with that). The Android application instead is not as ready; its code in fact has not been committed to GitHub yet, as we are still working offline.

Among all the measurement-kit changes a notable change was that I coded support for running traceroutes on Android by customizing code contributed by the Portolan project. This was done during a two days of hacking in Pisa, side by side with Valerio Luconi, one the authors of Portolan.

Lungarno in Pisa    Lungarno in Pisa

Lungarno in Pisa—Pictures by me (CC BY 3.0)

I have also started contributing to network-meter, a shell for running network measurement tools (e.g. Neubot, OONI) and for visualizing their results. This effort is spearheaded by Poly, a OONI volunteer. Also network-meter is on GitHub under the umbrella of the measurement-kit organization.

Filippo Michielon did a mockup of the new Neubot web interface written using Angular.js and D3.js. This could be a good basis for rewriting the web interface with more modern and less-custom tools.

I also continued to work on the split of the server part of Neubot from the main Neubot repository.

I also continued to work on a prototype that could be useful to reason about a slimmer version of Neubot that executes its tests as external plugins (this was done before I started to be involved in network-meter).

Regarding the CAPS proposal mentioned in the previous report, this was submitted and unfortunately we were informed in late July that it was rejected. We are now exploring other routes to refund our activities.

To conclude, there was this event in Turin where I was invited to speak. I already spent a blog post (in Italian) to describe this event, in which I basically presented Neubot and described future plans.

Lakes in Castel Vittorio, Liguria, Italy

Lakes in Castel Vittorio, Liguria, Italy (this photo was taken in August actually)
Picture by me (CC BY 3.0)

That should be pretty much all! I hope I have not lost too much state, since some time has passed from the end of June (including a three-week break during August, see the picture above) .