Neubot report: July - September 2015

Most hacking during these three months period concentrated on MeasurementKit (mainly pre-release cleanups) and NetworkMeter. This is a rather technical post. But, before entering into the details of the merged pull requests, here's some details for humans. I had a great summer vacation time, spanning three weeks all along August, in my home city (Bordighera) and nearby cities (such as Ventimiglia). Of course I never went to the sea, but spent lots of time with friends and dedicated the nights (after 2:00 AM) to hacking. The following photo shows the harbor of Bordighera from a small nearby hill (and reminds me of one famous picture by Monet also authored in Bordighera).

A view from Bordighera

A view from Bordighera —Picture by me (CC BY 3.0)

Having said of my vacations, let's go back to business. The following MeasurementKit pull requests were merged:

  1. Teach connection to use custom poller
  2. Register test complete callback along with test
  3. Big rename from libight to measurement_kit
  4. Make error really useful
  5. Get rid of emitter
  6. Release engineering of check-connectivity
  7. rm libneubot legacy: test/echo_client_evbuf.cpp
  8. Release engineering of libevent.hpp
  9. Release engineering of logging facilities
  10. Release engineering of common/net_test.hpp
  11. Release engineering of poller
  12. Release engineering of utils.hpp utils.cpp
  13. Allow connection with custom poller
  14. Teach portolan traceroute about reply packets
  15. Start to define some errors
  16. Improve net/buffer
  17. Improve net/transport code
  18. improve description
  19. Improvements suggested by @hellais in #157
  20. Document and improve pointer
  21. Document more stuff inside common
  22. Cleanup delayed call
  23. Split DNS files
  24. Update travis.yml
  25. Cleanup DNS class names and coding style
  26. Move specific net errors in net/error.hpp
  27. Document transport
  28. Move documentation below doc/dns
  29. More simple dns changes
  30. Update Query copy/move strategy
  31. Refactor http code
  32. Define operator<< for transport
  33. Support for mapping errors to OONI errors

Most of the above are, as said, pre release cleanups. A large part of this code was written in the night during August and later refined when I returned back to Turin during the last week of August. The following is a picture I took around sunset near the station of Torino Porta Susa, on my way back from having an ice cream.

Sunset in Ventimiglia

Sunset in Turin —Picture by me (CC BY 3.0)

During this summer, I also reviewed the following NetworkMeter pull requests:

  1. Simplify merge with master
  2. package.json bugfixes and enhacements
  3. Argument modal implemented
  4. Plugin manager
  5. Plugin execution
  6. Bugfixes

At the end of the summer, in the third week of September I had another four days short break, in which I returned to my home city again. The following is a picture I took just before having an aperitif with friends in Ventimiglia.

Sunset in Ventimiglia

Sunset in Ventimiglia —Picture by me (CC BY 3.0)

That's all for the July - September period!