neubot-runtime and neubot-server 0.5.0 released

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Today I am pleased to announce that we have recently released two hopefully stable versions of neubot-runtime and neubot-server. These two releases come after many (perhaps too many) months of development aiming at moving forward with Neubot.

I already mentioned before these efforts that basically strive to split Neubot client and Neubot server to allow to develop them independently. In this context, neubot-runtime is the shared piece of software containing the basic classes used by both the client and the server of Neubot. The latest (and first) stable release of neubot-runtime, v0.4.17.0, contains code that was tested and known to run with neubot-server. Not all the code inside neubot-runtime is already compatible with python3, but we're working in this direction.

Instead, neubot-server contains (as the name implies) only Neubot server code. This first release, v0.5.0.0, is based on neubot-runtime One notable feature that we introduced is that now all tests are independent modules loaded at runtime. Work in this direction was already initiated during the release process of Neubot 0.4.16.

These two new releases are the result of the efforts of me and Davide Allavena.

We will now start deploying the new neubot-server on mlab test machines and, when we will be satisfied, we will deploy it (or a subsequent version of it) on all mlab machines, for all clients to use it.

This piece of work (moving forward on the server side) allows us to concentrate now on the client side, for which we tentatively scheduled a new release ( for end of March.