Neubot 0.4.11 Windows autoupdate

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As stated in a previous blog post, the latest version of Neubot bears a win32 autoupdate feature, and is looking for testers.

As the autoupdate is still under testiing, the feature is still marked as "experimental", and is not enabled by default in this version. Moreover, as the digital signature system for the updates is not yet implemented, and in respect for the users who prefer only to install code that is signed, the feature shall remain disabled by default until this has been arranged.

The system is currently open to being tested by users in the outset. So far, it is known to be working stably on WIndows 7 environments. If you have Neubot installed and would like to enable this feature, you may follow these simple instructions:

1. Go to the settings page;

In a Windows environment, the page should look as follows:

2. Scroll down and locate the "win32_updater" option at the bottom of the page. It should be the second last item on the list;

3. On the same line, on the box to the right, substitute the "0" by an "1" (without the quotation marks), as shown in the picture;

4. Click the Save button below to make the settings effective.

Upon completion of those steps, you should receive a message stating "settings successfully updated", and the feature should be enabled and working. Please report to the mailing list any bugs or weird behavior that eventually occurs.