Fighting with python, sqlite3, and OperationalError: unable to open database file

I have been fighting for quite some time with sqlite3 and python because neubot -S (the command to start neubot master server) was failing to commit new results into the database. The (rather cryptic) error message at the end of the stacktrace was:

OperationalError: unable to open database file.


Created and published neubot 0.2.6 sources and packages

I have just created and uploaded sources and packages of neubot 0.2.6. They are all available at Now we can start internal testing.


Public Git tree updated to 0.2.6

I have just updated the public Git tree to 0.2.6, which is the release we will test internally in the next week or so. Then we will make the first public release.

Tomorrow I will create packages for 0.2.6 and set up a packages server and repository for APT at


Updated again the public Git tree

I have just pushed more patches to the public Git tree. This set of changes adds the speedtest server, improves the speedtest client, updates the code in the net and http layers, and removes most of the obsolete code.


Updated the public Git tree

I have just updated the public git tree with a serie of patches that improves compatibility with Python2.5 and removes bits of obsolete code. I have also tagged 0.2.5 the current HEAD of the tree, but this is for testing purpose only, and so I have not created packages for Windows and Debian/Ubuntu. Indeed, there are still some bugs that I have prepared diffs for, and I expect to push some more updates soon.


Back from L'Aquila

Back from L'Aquila where I presented the paper written for Congresso AICA 2010. This week I will commit a new version of Neubot that will include a revised speedtest, many bugfixes, and will remove some obsolete code. I will work on the website and to improve documentation as well.



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