Released Neubot 0.3.7

Version 0.3.7 is the fourth generally-available stable release of Neubot, coming after two months of hard work. It is distributed as: a .deb package for Debian and Ubuntu; a zipped application for MacOSX; an installer for Windows XP SP3+. It is also available in source format.


Neubot 0.3.7 release candidate now available

The quite long 0.3.7 release cycle has finally come to an end, and the release candidate packages are now available at our releases site. This release contains improvements in the speedtest as well as architectural improvements and cleanups that should speed-up the development pace. I will provide more details in further posts as well as in the release announcement.

Now speedtest duration is OK

In my previous post I mentioned that the development version of Neubot had issues with speedtest duration. This is no longer the case, thanks to this patch. Now I've started testing Neubot and I would like to roll-out a release candidate soon.


Committed changes to Neubot database

In the last 2.5 weeks, Neubot contributor Alessio Palmero Aprosio and I have been working to: (i) move Neubot options into the database; (ii) explode each field of the results into a table. The former change allows to configure Neubot from the web user interface. The latter makes it possible to delete some ugly chunks of deprecated code. Still, there is a problem with speedtest duration that I need to investigate: test takes too much time for me at home. Then will come the first 0.3.7 release candidate.


Finished source-code spring cleaning

Wow. I have finished up with source-code spring cleaning. Now all the pieces of code use the new infrastructure (the one that already powers the BitTorrent test) and the old code has been decommissioned. The code is now looking 0.4-ish, but before we can bless the first testing release there is work to be done to move options into the database. As usual, the changes are available upstream.


New feature: enable and disable Neubot

Since 0.3.6, the web user interface allows to disable Neubot. When disabled, Neubot will keep running in background but will not perform any transmission test. The new control is located in the right side-bar, just above the "Latest test details" box:

enable/disable control

Released Neubot 0.3.6

Version 0.3.6 is the third generally-available stable release of Neubot, coming one month after Neubot 0.3.5. It is distributed as a package for Debian and Ubuntu, as a zipped application for MacOSX, as an auto-installing executable for Windows XP, as well as in source format.

This release is meant for general availability, and contains many improvements and bug fixes over 0.3.5. The most important ones are:


BitTorrent and stream tests in 0.3.6

Neubot 0.3.6 contains two new client-server transmission tests, bittorrent and stream. The former measures the download speed emulating the BitTorrent protocol. The latter measures the download speed receiving a random stream of bytes.

In this blog we describe briefly both tests and we report on what still needs to be done to get them out of "beta".


Another 0.3.6 release candidate is out

The issue with Windows 7 has been identified and I have committed a workaround. So, I have re-built all the packages and another 0.3.6 release candidate is now available. Unless there are other unexpected issues, I will release 0.3.6 on Monday.


0.3.6 release candidate packages available

I've put the release candidate packages here. What is not working yet is the support for starting/stopping Neubot from Windows 7 menus. And the MacOSX package is untested.


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